Welcome to Selfmade Forex Trading

We offer you:

Signals packages
LifeTime Signals @ Only R5000 (I provide 1:5 Signals per day)
Monthly VIP Signals @ Only R1500pm (I provide 1:3 Signals per day)

My Trading Lessons
Online Lesson R3000
1 month Lesson
then 2 months Mentorship
includes 1:5 everyday Signals
One on One Lesson R5000
1 day Lesson
then 6 months Mentorship
includes 1:3 everyday Signals

Copy Trading Services
1 Trading Account R2500
2 Trading Accounts R5000

Trade With Me Every Minute Services
Only R7500

Investment Plan
Invest R500 ($25) and get R1200 ($60) after 2 months
Invest R1000 ($50) and get R2500 ($125) after 2 months
Invest R2500 ($125) and get R5000 ($250) after 2 months
Invest R5000 ($250) and get R10000 ($500) after 2 months

Our Crew Uniform Sales
T-Shirt R500
Cap R270
Topp R750